Updated 31 October 2023


First of all, —Interzone is always open to unsolicited submissions of fantastika of between 2,000 and 17,500 words from everyone, whoever or wherever you are.

If you aren’t sure what is included under the umbrella of fantastika, check out the fabulous entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

I want to read stories that tell of change and transformation; stories that describe the boundlessness of the human soul. I want to see writers experiment and take risks with stories that wend their way through the labyrinth of this world, and with stories that string bridges of their own creation to places I have never seen.

Submit stories that rend the heart, shock the brain, and leave the world a different place.

I strongly recommend that you get to know Interzone before submitting. Subscriptions are available and there is also an Interzone Patreon.

If you are unable to buy Interzone, but would like to review the stories Interzone has published, please email editors [at] interzone [dot] press and I will point you in the right direction.

I am looking for original, unpublished stories. Please don’t query about reprints (but see below about translated works).

I accept simultaneous submissions.

I don’t accept multiple submissions.

Translations are accepted, even if the story has been published previously in a language other than English – please include the name of the translator.

I don’t want to read stories that incorporate any amount of ‘writing’ generated by ‘AI’ tools like ChatGPT or Story Engine. I want to read words distilled from the fermented juices of your imagination.

If you receive a rejection from me, please wait two months before submitting again.

Don’t be discouraged by a form rejection. Try me with something new – I am eager to read your work.

Please don’t reply to rejection emails, even if you really want to say thank you.

I’m afraid I can’t offer any feedback.

If your story has been rejected for IZ Digital, you don’t need to submit it to Interzone – I will already have considered that option.

Payment is (EUR) 1.5¢ per word (one and one-half euro cents).

Stories should be in standard manuscript format (double spaced, good margins, contact email, approximate word count, page numbers; you don’t need to provide a postal address) and saved as an odt, doc, docx, or rtf file. Email your submission as an attachment to: submissions [at] interzone [dot] press

I appreciate brief cover letters: just introduce yourself in a sentence or three. I don’t need to see a list of your publishing credits or a summary of the story you’re submitting.

I aim to respond to submissions within 7 weeks. If you haven’t heard anything within this time, email submissions [at] interzone [dot] press with ‘follow-up’ and the title of your original submission in the subject line.

Please query submissions [at] interzone [dot] press if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading the Interzone submissions guidelines. I very much look forward to visiting your strange and wondrous worlds.


Gareth Jelley, Editor & Publisher
Interzone & IZ Digital