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In addition to receiving print issues bimonthly, Interzone subscribers get access to exclusive stories on IZ Digital. After subscribing you will receive a password by email, along with an invitation to the private IZ Digital Discord server.


Interzone publishes fantastika from all over the planet.

Small-press publications need subscriptions to survive. Buy a 6-issue print subscription to Interzone and get a high-quality full-colour magazine packed full of mind-expanding fiction and nonfiction delivered directly to your door bimonthly, available for just €53 (price includes VAT & free delivery worldwide).

New subscriptions begin with issue #294.

Andy Cox’s 100th issue #292/293 is currently available from the TTA Press shop – copies are limited, so get it while you can.

If you are renewing or extending a TTA Press subscription, we will combine them to ensure you don’t miss out on an issue.

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